The Success Spotlight with Mia Areford

We welcome you to this week’s The Success Spotlight. We will be interviewing Mia Areford who is the owner of That Dress in Rincon, GA which is near Savannah, GA. In the U.S. alone their are thousands of businesses that open every year but sadly few make it. What motivates someone to open a business? Why do we do it? Is it easier than working for someone else?


Join us in this interview where we will discover exactly what motivated Mia Areford to open a Bridal Dress store? What were the circumstances occurring in her life that prompted her to make that decision? Did she expect it to be an easy transition to go from working for someone else to business ownership?

In the last few years, has business been what she expected? What types of changes was she forced to make? What type of recognition has she received?

We hope that you’re able to take a look at this bridal, prom and special occasion dress store as an opportunity to learn from a fellow business owner and see what will inspire you from her story. We look forward to helping you discover more about Mia Areford and That Dress!



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